Equipment List For Remote Recording & Mixing

16/24 Trk Digital Audio:
2/3 - Tascam Da 78HRs, 24 bit

Digital Recording Console:
Yamaha 02R96 24bit 96k 

Mixing Computer:
Pentium 4 2.4 ghz, Soundcards RME Digi 9652, MOTU 2408  

Mixing Software:
Samplitude, Nuendo, Pro Tools, Waves Plug ins

Digital Reverb:
  Lexicon PCM - 90, Lexicon MXP - 500 Waves: IR1 Parametric Convolution Reverb

Event 20/20 bas Direct Field Monitors, JBL LSR 25P 

 Aphex Compeller 320A, 4 Channels of DBX 1066 

Mic Pre's:
 3-Earthworks Lab101, 16 Yamaha 02R96 (excellent)
Access to most Vintage and Contemporary Tube Pre's. 

10-Earthworks SR77, 1-Neumann TLM-103, 1-AMT Bass Clip on, 1-AKG 414 TLII,
1-AKG D112, 2-Earthworks TC30K, 2-Sennheiser MD421, 4-AKG C-3000, 1-Shure VP-88 Stereo M/S,
1-Shure Beta 87A,
3-Shure SM 98 clip on's, 4-Audix D-2s, 2-Shure SM-58s, 2-Shure SM-57s, 1-EV RE 1000.
Access to most Vintage Mics. 

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