Consider them a small family of audio bits and pieces
recorded and mixed by yours


Barbara Carroll               In 2003 at Birdland, "I had the pleasure of working with Barbara and
                                         bassist Jay Leonhart, and drummer Joe Cocuzzo on a fairly regular basis". 
                                         Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Co-Produced her "Live at Birdland" CD

Snippetts 2003                 Compilation CD of Live Jazz Recordings done at various locations, various artists.

Eydie Gorme &               1975 Recorded 37 piece orchestra, Don Costa conducting. This was a rough mix of
Danny Rivera                  tracks with vocals for them to review. An old 15ips master safety I've had forever.

                                          Album "Mui Amigo's" #1 Billboard Latin Charts. Nominated for Grammy

Totta's Blues Band
         1985 Recorded at The Ranch Studios, N.Y. Mixed at Glen Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.
                                          Album "Combination Boogie" Recorded, Mixed, Co-Produced.

John Jarrett                     1984 Recorded and Mixed at The Ranch Studios N.Y.

Johnny Lee                      1979 "Lookin for Love" Produced by Jim Ed Norman
                                          Recorded Vocal BG's, Guitar, and Keyboard Overdubs.  
                                          #1 Country Charts, #3 Pop Charts, Grammy Nomination for "Best Country Album" 
                                          Movie "Urban Cowboy" soundtrack.

Dan McCorison               1977 First Album Recorded and Mixed. Davlen Sound Studios L.A. 
                                          Produced by Chris Hillman (The Byrds) 2 Singles on the Billboard Hot 100. 

"Song For Alisa"             1978 Produced and Arranged by Larry Fallon. Recorded at Producers Workshop. 

                                          This was a rough mix at the end of the night.

"Stayin' Alive"                1979 Rob Strandlan. Produced by Jim Ed Norman.
                                          Recorded and mixed at Brittania Studios L.A.

Phoebe Snow                    Around 1986 Phoebe came in with Producer Dino Arralli. They cut a bunch of basic 
                                          trks. This was a monitor mix with her scratch or guide vocal. At The Ranch Studios.

New Orleans 2001           This is an MPEG of Chris Ranney and I in a linen closet down in the basement of 
                                          a hotel in New Orleans, recording a big band on the stage at the IAJE Jazz convention. 
                                          I'm viewing the stage with a camera in the audience via video capture card in a laptop.
                                          The music is all "live" and actually happening as I'm holding my little camcorder. 
                                          We recorded 14 bands in 4 days including four 18 piece big bands. When this show
                                          was over each night we ran to a little club in the same hotel and recorded 2 more sets.

More to come......................